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BACTES people: dedicated to your organization’s security, compliance and trust.

Since 1991 our local-owner business model has provided clients nationwide with customized solutions, superior quality and industry leading customer support. We deliver reduced operating expenses, improved patient satisfaction and enhanced risk mitigation. Learn more here.


You can trust our innovative technology to provide the highest levels of security, accuracy, and quality. BACTES web-based solutions are accessible 24/7, simple to implement and easy to use.


BACTES is the leader in secure, electronic, compliant exchange of PHI. Help your organization improve PHI security, achieve compliance and realize measurable expense reduction. Our quality and processes are unmatched in the industry.


We believe in our people. No company is more committed to training, continuing education and support than BACTES. Clients love our services because we care for and respect our people, who work hard every day to serve our clients and their patients.