Our expert consultation and state-of-the art processes help you mitigate the significant financial risks associated with RAC.

The requirements of Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) present demanding challenges for health care providers. BACTES will reduce your operating expenses and provide state-of-the art processes to mitigate the financial risks associated with RAC.

BACTES delivers:

  • Image-based technology that eliminates the need to copy paper records or print from EHR systems.
  • All required information is delivered electronically which significantly reduces delivery costs.
  • All information fulfilled is maintained in the BACTES portal for the appeals team to access while handling denials.
  • Complete and accurate Accounting of Disclosures and the tracking confirmations for all information delivered to the RAC.

Selecting BACTES as your partner will ensure timely responses to stringent deadlines, reduce your risk, provide appropriate tracking and reduce your operating costs.