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A Growing Company Dedicated to our Clients

The beginnings of BACTES are humble. In June of 1991, the founders of BACTES, Bill Bailey and his wife Angie were faced with an opportunity to break away from working in Corporate America. They realized that starting a company, focused around their core values, might shift the paradigm. While deciding on the new name for this company, Bill and Angie sat down at a coffee table with some Scrabble letters. They ended up taking the first letter of each of their names, and the first letter of their children’s names to create: BACTES.

BACTES has grown exponentially since that day at the coffee table. However, the core values remain the same, and are supported by our pillars of success: People, Process and Technology.

We provide secure electronic exchange, delivery and integration of Protected Health Information (PHI). BACTES adheres to the latest compliance standards while providing superior multi-step quality control processes to protect you from risk. With unparalleled customer service, we handle your Health Information Management needs on time, so you can focus on patient care.