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Audits and Reviews can be complex and demanding. It has become increasingly difficult to allocate resources to handle these complex needs. BACTES can help by completing audit and review requests for you.


Reduce Your Financial Risk with BACTES Expertise

A lack of preparation for audits can be costly. Are you confident that your organization is sufficiently prepared? BACTES helps you manage the challenges of audit preparedness and compliance. RAC, CMS, MIC, MAC, QIO, HEDIS and PRO all place additional burdens on the health care community.

With BACTES as your partner in Audit Processing there are many benefits. BACTES provides innovative solutions to mitigate the potential for financial risks due to a lack of audit preparation and response. BACTES is your partner for audit support services in today’s fast-changing environment.

Audit Process Features

  • Direct contact with Auditor.
  • Coordinating liaison.
  • Trained Audit Task Team – Our labor instead of yours.
  • Interface with electronic systems to eliminate paper printing.
  • Scanning of requested information from your paper medical records to eliminate paper copies.
  • Significant protection provided with “Exact Copies” of images maintained within BACTES Portal in cases requiring further review.
  • Complete tracking of each request and the associated fulfillment of medical records.
  • Electronic delivery of requested information, which significantly reduces delivery costs while providing tracking confirmations.
  • Requests are fulfilled on a timely basis; this means you will not be penalized for missing deadlines.
  • Confirmation of delivery.
  • Customized reporting.

RAC Support Services

The requirements of Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) present demanding challenges for health care providers. BACTES reduces your operating expenses and provides state-of-the-art processes to mitigate the financial risks associated with RAC.

BACTES provides

  • Image-based technology – eliminates the need to copy paper records or print from EHR systems.
  • Electronic Delivery of Records – all required information is delivered electronically which significantly reduces delivery costs.
  • Secure Storage in the BACTES Portal – all information fulfilled is maintained in the BACTES portal for the appeals team to access while handling denials.
  • Complete and accurate Accounting of Disclosures – complete tracking of each request and the associated fulfillment of medical records.
  • Tracking confirmations and information delivered to the RAC – confirmation of delivery to the RAC Audit Contractor.

Selecting BACTES as your partner will ensure timely response to stringent deadlines, reduce your risk, provide appropriate tracking and reduce your operating costs.


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